For the Love of Craft Beer
Great beer comes from brewers who invest the time and energy into utilizing the best ingredients, while fine tuning their brewing process to produce a quality product that is unique, in and of its own.
To enjoy great beer one needs to be equiped with the knowledge of understanding what it takes to make great beer and what one should look for when drinking great beer.
The best way to learn and experience great beer, is to focus on a specific brewery, and go after the various aspects of their brewing process while discussing the various characteristics of the beer being tasted.
This is where CBE does its best work (if you call this "work"). We research the brewery (must fit requirements of a craft brewery), select four to five brews, research the hell out of them and then invite beer minded people to the event. We walk you through each beer, discuss all the tasting aspects, pair it with some fine food, and then wash it down with awesome beer.
What do we end up with? A fun night, with happy tastebuds, satisfied stomachs, and enriched minds. That is what Craft Brews Exposed is all about.
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